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Use a variety of bombs and bowling balls to destroy structures, and knock point blocks onto the ground.


Grip Button: Grab/Release item

Trigger Button: Light bomb fuse

Application Button (HOLD): Hold to reset current puzzle

Touchpad (HOLD): Use the Left or Right side of the Touchpad to switch between previous and next levels respectivly.

What To Expect

This is a short prototype that is designed to show the core concept of the game. It's still got a long way to go, and it's missing sounds (including explosions), it uses placeholder graphics, and it's only got 10 levels. Everything you see here is subject to change, and I'd LOVE to hear your feedback on the game in its current state.

Please take a moment after you've played to let me know what you thought of the game. In particular, what was your favorite level, and what was your least favorite level? This data is critical to me improving the game for the future.You can contact me in the comments below, via my Twitter ( @Highsight) or via my email: Highsight@Highsight.tv. Enjoy, and thanks for playing!



  • Moved dispenser behind player, to prevent issues.
  • Adjusted the weight of the bombs and bowling balls. Throwing them should feel more "right" now.
  • Scoring points now triggers a Scoresplosion(tm) effect.


  • Updated control info at beginning to explain things better.


  • Initial Release


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Prototype-Demo-0.12.zip 19 MB
Prototype-Demo-0.11.zip 19 MB


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I enjoyed my time with this. When can we expect updates?


Glad you liked it! I've been taking a break over the holidays, and am looking into expanding the team on this. I plan on getting back to work on it next month. Keep an eye out for updates on my Twitter and/or Twitch!